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terrancet, New Hope - May 10, 2018

Couldn't be more satisfied being that I'm a new patient and I had two emergency extractions, the staff was nice and amazing. Thanks for the relief!

Anonymous - May 8, 2018

I was very pleased with my experience. The dentist made sure I was comfortable and talked me through the process making sure to answer any questions I had.

marcn, Askov - Apr 29, 2018

I have used Emergency Dental Care USA for both my primary (routine) dental provider (yes, they do that, with an hygienist, Monday - Friday, core hours) as well as for emergency dental service, evening and weekends (365 days), for multiple years. I've never been disappointed by expertise or service. The staff are compassionate and knowledgeable while also being careful and thorough.

Emergency Dental Care USA is my go-to place for everything dental: Routine, specialized (implants), customized dental appliances (guards), and Invisalign (I'm considering/reviewing to start straightening this later summer--haven't done, yet). I'm not in anyway associated with Emergency Dental Care or their staff other than their long-time patient.

When there is treatment needed that requires specialties beyond fairly routine and emergency dental work, they make good, thoughtful referrals to other skilled specialized providers. Otherwise, nearly all services are under one roof.

I'm not certain of propriety to reference staff in a review, but Dr. Mallinger is a highly-trained, -skilled, -practiced dentist with listening skills. He also has very good "this is what this means" skills. And he is patient. I consider that I have a bit of a complicated mouth and face, and he is good at helping me with what's up, what's not, and what to do.

Much respect,


Anonymous - Apr 29, 2018

I am extremely anxious and the people here made me feel so comfortable. I recommend them in emergency dental situation

kyaeraj, Oakdale - Apr 26, 2018

I really hate the dentist I had few Bad experiences that made my Aneixty bad when it come to dentist, and I had to get a tooth pulled that was bothering me. But it was smooth painless procedure. I feel comfortable and it was fast and I’m glad I did it and will be back for further work.

Anonymous - Apr 22, 2018

I had previously visited another dentist 4 other times in the last month each time ending up with no results and being told they didn’t have time to alleviate my issues. 1 trip to Emergency Dental Care USA and I was taken care of and out of pain. The Dentist and his assistant couldn’t have been nicer and more professional.


Dr. Toney